Making Sense of Mobile SEO in Google’s Mobile-Only World

Everybody wants to hang out with the coolest kid at the party. We want to talk to them, be associated with them, have them say great things about us & most importantly build a relationship with them that lasts a lifetime.

If you don’t already know when it comes to the online world Google is that coolest kid & every website is pining to get noticed. We’ve reached the point in time where small businesses must stop looking at desktop and mobile SEO like a technical aspect of their website. They have to look past the technicalities and realize they’re building a relationship with the cool kid (Google).

It’s not something that is built overnight rather just like any relationship in your life it’s something that happens over time. When it comes down to it there are 3 factors that you can focus your efforts on to making Google like your website:

3 Key Factors to Building A Relationship with Google:

1. Trust

Trust is the most important & overlooked factor when it comes to SEO but if you have a problem in life do seek out advice from someone you just met or someone you’ve known for a long time?

This is the same as when you search for something. You trust that the results on page one will help you with your inquiry because Google gives you those results & you trust Google. Your faith in their results was something that was built over time, not over night. Google sees your website the same way. They must trust your website first before it even thinks about ranking it. You can easily build this trust through the courting process.

2. Quality

All relationships regardless of whether they’re friendships or something more go through the courting stage. A large influence on this stage is the quality content you bring to the relationship. If you’re courting a potential partner the quality of dates are probably a factor in whether or not that relationship goes to the next level. A date at a five-star restaurant goes a lot deeper than a drive-through at McDonald’s.

You should be treating Google the same way. The quality of the content you put on your website can be the difference between a memorable date & one that you can’t wait to forget. Google cares about how long your audience is staying on your website & taking in that content. A simple checklist to up your quality game is to try to make your content:

  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Entertaining

If your content covers these aspects your audience will stay on your website longer making Google notice. Quality equals a happy audience which equals trust building. However, just like in any other relationship you can’t stay the same.

3. Evolution of Expectations

The expression “out-growing your friends” describes the evolution of expectations the best. Some of us are lucky enough to have friendships that last a long time. Childhood friends that have been with us through the thick & the thin of our lives but at some point, that friendship disappears. This is all because of changing expectations.

The tie that originally bound your friendship is still there but because of various factors of life, your expectations have changed. Your expectations of yourself, your friend & your friendship as a whole.

As our technology rapidly grows, Google is constantly changing that way it approaches to search. It evolves to serve its customers better. It’s expectations of your website & your relationships have evolved. Your website has to evolve with those changes to continue to build that relationship.

Mobile SEO

Since its inception mobile has been steadily climbing the mountain of the device of choice for internet use. In 2016 it reached the top of the mountain replacing desktop as the go-to for all things the internet including search as most website saw 85% increase in visits from mobile.

mobile seo

The landscape has shifted and if you want to continue building your relationship with Google (which you do) you must change as well. Here are 3 things you can do to make sure your efforts to date will continue:

1. Fully Embrace the Change

  • If your website isn’t mobile friendly yet make sure this is the number one task you do. There are two roads you can travel here either making a separate mobile version of your site or making your website responsive. Google recommends a responsive website that conforms to the device it’s being viewed on.

2. The Age of Equality

  • If go down the separate mobile version road, you’ll want to make sure that there is consistency between the desktop & mobile versions. When it comes to updating make sure your mobile version get’s updated first. Making it the primary focus of your web efforts will ensure Google indexes it properly in the future.

3. Get Ahead of the Curve

  • What’s the next step in the Internet’s evolution? Although right now Google is focused on mobile you have to remember that they are a constantly evolving company. Apps are the next logical step and it may be worth starting to develop one for your company. Not only will you be prepared for the change but you’ll be looked at as a leader in your industry.

The change is frankly necessary as Google won’t even bother with your website if it doesn’t have a great mobile experience. You can show them you’re serious about your relationship with them by ensuring you have a mobile ready website. Here are 3 things you can do to check & see if your website is up to Google’s mobile standards:

Test to Make Sure:

How’s Your Need for Speed?

  • Your visitors aren’t that patient as most expect a website to load in two seconds of less. Studies have even shown that they will most likely leave your site if it’s not loaded within 3 seconds. Check out the Google Speed Test to see exactly how long your site loads.

See Through Their Eyes:

  • Through the Google Search Console can see how Google & visitors see your website. An invaluable tool will show you what your site looks like on a mobile device & you can make sure nothing is missing in the transition from desktop to mobile.

The future of the web is now as we are in the midst of how visitors are getting to our websites which is a direct result of Google’s evolution of taking mobile serious in 2017. If you want to stay relevant and continue to build your relationship with Google your website must comply with their expectations. A truly successful SEO plan is no longer about a “quick fix” but rather cultivating trust from the coolest kid at the party.

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Jason Thurlow writes about topics related to marketing, small business, public relations & entrepreneurship. The graduate of Communication Studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell combines his passion for writing & small business to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. He is the founder of Jason Thurlow Marketing a consulting company that guides small businesses through the marketing process. You can find him at

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