SEO Certification

SEO for Growth offers an SEO certification based on the principles and methodologies outlined in the bestselling book.

NOTE: This SEO certification program is still in development, as are the program details outlined below.

Why should you consider a Search Engine Optimization certification?

Search engine optimization is a tough business.  All businesses want more visibility on Google, because that’s where all the action is.

But because SEO rankings have always been in high demand, it’s been a snake-oil infested business from the beginning.

As a consultant, web designer or digital marketing agency that sells Internet marketing services, it can be tough to sell SEO services – everybody wants organic SEO rankings, but nobody trusts SEO service providers.

With this program, you will get a trusted SEO certification:

  1. Based on the principles outlined in a bestselling SEO book that has;
  2. Been endorsed by many of the top names in the industry and;
  3. Was co-written by one of the most trusted names in small business marketing.

Most importantly, the SEO for Growth system works and will get results for you and your clients over time.

Who should get SEO certifications?

This SEO certification is ideal for marketing consultants, web designers and digital agencies that would like to:

  • Sell SEO services via a trusted brand
  • Generate more web design and SEO services leads
  • Start or grow an SEO or Internet marketing business

SEO Certification & Licensing Options

Level 1: Certification:

  • Online SEO training and ongoing training
  • Ability to buy the book in bulk at cost + shipping
  • Ability to market yourself as SEO certified

Level 2: Agency Partner:

  • Training and ongoing training
  • Ability to buy the book in bulk at cost + shipping
  • Ability to market yourself and your business as SEO certified
  • Listed on agency partner directory
  • License to sell SEO for Growth branded services
  • Ability to license an SEO for Growth website “Sitelet” for geographic area or industry vertical like this one:

seo certifications

Additional Benefits of Internet Marketing Certifications

In many ways, this certification is an SEO and web design “business in a box”, yet gives you the freedom to run your own business, set your own pricing, and fulfill your own services.

But if you don’t want to fulfill your own services, we can help you with everything from web design through SEO, blog writing, reputation management, social media marketing – virtually anything you need to fulfill a web design or Internet marketing engagement.

It is our goal to be able to provide you with a brand to leverage, ongoing training, a marketing platform, qualified leads, and fulfillment for high quality web design and best-practices SEO and digital marketing services.

We have a detailed prospectus in development that will be posted to this page soon.  Contact us if you would like to be notified when the prospectus is available.

How do I get SEO certified?

First, be sure to read the book.  Our holistic approach to SEO, from SEO strategy to SEO tactics is outlined in the book.  And if you’re interested in getting certified or becoming a licensee, one of the first questions we will ask is: have you read the book?

This certification is  program is new.  We have signed up our first two Level 2 beta licensees for St Louis and Atlanta.

If you are interested in getting SEO for Growth certified, you should definitely read the book first.

If you are interested in the SEO certification program, please contact us here.  We will put you on the notification list and keep you informed.

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