Jon Ferrara

SEO for Growth should be bought by every Marketer, Web Designer and Entrepreneur. It sheds much needed light on the dark art of SEO by del

Phil Rozek

"John and Phil cut through two types of piffle: what desperate marketing 'experts' tell business owners, and what too many frustrated business owners

John Clark

SEO for Growth provides a clear roadmap to ensure SEO is a key channel for any company’s customer acquisition strategy.  A must read fo

Martin Shervington

"Listen closely to John and Phil, and follow the experts throughout this book, to be first in line and stand head and shoulders above the rest of the

Jon Hall

“Unlike the previous generation of SEO guides, this book doesn't teach marketers how to game the system for a short-term win. It coaches you on how

William Rock

"Once I started reading this book I could not put it down, and I've been in the SEO industry since 1998. I really enjoyed the section on Google algori

Travis Wright

"John Jantsch has been a digital marketing champion and leader for SMBs longer than almost anyone...everything that I've read from John is spot-on. Th

Mark Traphagen

"At the beginning of Chapter 1 of SEO for Growth, Phil and John share a quote from me about how effective SEO can't be divorced from marketin

Jennifer Slegg

"If you are just getting started in SEO...SEO for Growth is a great resource.  It highlights the most important things for a business owner

Don Breckenridge

"SEO for Growth is a comprehensive authority on all things SEO, inbound marketing and website optimization. Jantsch and Singleton managed to

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