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"Too many web designers and business owners treat SEO as an afterthought.  SEO For Growth will show you how to build a lead generating websi

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“John and Phil hit the nail on the head. The way people shop and buy has fundamentally changed, an inbound strategy is now a necessity for getting f

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"If you lack a geek gene but need to figure out how to make SEO work for you and your business, this is the book you need. It's practical, actionable,

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"These days, there is far too much reliance on spending on paid search, display & other advertising to drive quality leads & sales. John &

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“SEO can be a powerful channel to reach new customers — or a source of endless frustration. SEO for Growth will help turn SEO into a c

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SEO for Growth is stunning in its practicality and relevance. Every reader will make money, save money, or both thanks to this guide."

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"There are many pieces to solving the SEO puzzle.  From search engine friendly web design and content marketing, to social media and reputation manag

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