How to Turn SEO into ROI

Web-based marketing has been around since pop-up ads were driving us crazy. But with SEO leading the way it has come a long way in terms of real marketing strategy and sophistication that brings customers to your door.

Search engine optimization is at the heart of digital marketing today. It has moved marketing from outbound – fishing for customers and praying they will click on your ad – to inbound, allowing customers to find you. And we will show you how to accomplish this to boost your business in ways you might not have imagined.

There are many tools in the SEO toolbox and we will cover them here. But first it is important to understand the basic concepts of SEO and how they are effective.

Search engine optimization is the art of using search keywords to create better results on Google and other web-based searches. If someone types in “Sacramento car dealerships”, as I did, as an example. M&S Auto comes up as the first non-sponsored link on the first page of Google and is featured as a bull’s eye on the Google Map. It is also the top ranked car dealer by stars in the Google ratings box and their address and phone number are positioned prominently.

Now I had never heard of M&S Auto until I did this random search although I grew up on the same street, El Camino Avenue in Sacramento. I figured Roseville Auto Mall would be at the top. In fact it was, but through a sponsored ad, which we will get into below. But it didn’t get the same mapping and ranking as M&S although Roseville Auto Mall is shelling out money on advertising.

If I was buying a car I would check out M&S due its five star ranking, beautiful website and incredible reviews, which is part of reputation management, another aspect we will cover here. And I did check it out. The website first greets the reader with the tag line, “Sacramento’s Best Car Dealer”. Impressive. And the website looks great and the glowing reviews have a potential customer hooked. “I was completely blown away with the level of service I received here,” said one review.

The rest were quite similar in vein. These guys are selling some cars.

Now don’t you want to get those kinds of results for your business? Well, you can. And it’s all because of your friend, SEO.

SEO – The Big Picture

So let’s get into the big picture of SEO and how it will drive your business to new heights in Sacramento. It is a process that entails many elements and SEO for Growth Sacramento will take you through them here.

For starters, we will explain the basics of SEO followed by the tools Sacramento SEO for Growth Sacramento will provide you in order to catapult your business to the top of Google searches, thereby taking your business to levels you might not have imagined.

SEO – or search engine optimization – is a fundamental and proven strategy for marketing your business online and expanding your customer base, regardless of the industry you are in.

And look, if you don’t get why SEO is amazing, let’s drill down a little bit and paint a picture. Most folks either get SEO wrong or don’t understand the big picture with SEO.

The big deal here is that SEO and the content that supports it helps rocket you to the top of a wide variety of online search and operates as an inbound marketing tool for new customers to find your business. This is done through the use of strategic content and keyword strategy that puts you ahead of your competition. Seems simple, but there is a lot to it.

Our SEO consulting services offer strategic SEO planning and analysis for all types of websites. We optimize your existing site or build you a new one based on SEO best practices. We will coach you through the process and keep you abreast of the advances your business is quickly making.

But there are myriad ways to accomplish these results and all are part of our proven package.

Your SEO toolbox

Local SEO

Local SEO simply is about optimizing your content for your city and the surrounding areas you want to target. But it has become more important than ever as customers seek out local businesses on the web. Simply put, if you are on not on the top of your local rankings you are handing business to your competitors.

No site is complete without great content and, perhaps more important, great copywriting. This is what will set your Sacramento SEO-enhanced site ahead of the pack. Content is the backbone of growing your business and once keywords are discovered, we will implement them into relevant, informative and engaging content that your visitors will be excited to read. Content is still king and the most important part of your Sacramento SEO strategy.

Web Design

For local businesses, an SEO friendly website is critical to reach people as they search for you. The website serves as the fulcrum for all your digital marketing and is the landing platform for all your marketing initiatives.

A well designed website must take many things into account before the design process even begins. This includes, Google Maps, PPC, SEO, FB ads, funnels, social media click throughs, blog posts, e-mail sign ups, videos, reputation management and more.  The content drives the design and not the other way around.


Like the M&S Auto example above, proper SEO will allow anyone searching for your type of business to know exactly where you are and how to contact you in one click. It literally drives people to the door.

Reputation Management

Good reviews are key and nowadays, online reviews are as trusted as a recommendation from family and friends. We will make sure your reviews are stunning by filtering them and gathering feedback from happy customers.

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising

As mentioned with the Roseville Auto Mall example above, PPC, or Google AdWords, is a great way to get noticed, if managed correctly. But it is not about just throwing money at Google and hoping for results. Managed properly, AdWords, combined with organic SEO, will sell your business and dramatically increase your click throughs on your most targeted keywords.

Social Media

For local businesses, Facebook is ideal for creating customer lists and reviews and announcing news or events, which can then be shared. Social media is also an avenue to express thought leadership in the marketplace.

Having a social media presence on at least one platform (we encourage Facebook in most cases) is critical. It amplifies your content and your presence and Google pays attention. It also encourages referrals and reviews and makes your online presence work better when your social media isn’t a ghost town.

Content and Copywriting

As mentioned above, content and clean copywriting is the differentiator in digital marketing.

Content marketing is the currency of marketing today. So get over it, get creative and make it happen.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material, including blogs, social media posts and even video that focuses on subject matter relevant to your customers’ interests. It is not for pushing a brand, but is rather a marketing tool based on consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience.

And it is perhaps the most important element in your digital marketing toolbox due to its importance for SEO. Your stories must be compelling and the topics you write about must engage your target audience in your particular industry.


So there is a quick outline of a proper digital marketing approach that leads to what is known as “inbound marketing”. Customers are looking for information and answers and an effective inbound marketing campaign provides just that. It also provides you, the business, with a proactive avenue to reaching customers earlier in the buying cycle, as opposed to them trying to find you through the clutter in an emergency.

Inbound marketing is defined as a strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company-created Internet content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention. With our SEO plans we really end up doing both, but the inbound aspect is more powerful than your competitors realize. If ad clicks are too expensive in your space, then this is where you need to focus right now.

So what are you waiting for, Robin Hood? Call us for a consultation so we can organize an approach that is exactly tailored to your business needs.


About the Author

Justin Sturges SacramentoJustin Sturges is a Duct Tape Marketing Regional Director & Master Consultant, and an SEO for Growth Certified Consultant.  Justin and his team at Systemadik help small businesses solve the growth equation with smart marketing.  Learn more about Justin at the Systemadik website or on Sacramento SEO for Growth.


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