Podcast Booking Services & Podcast Guest Agencies for SEO

Have you heard about podcast booking services or getting booked as a guest expert on podcasts?

Every day, hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketers and book authors search for “podcast booking services” and agencies.

But what is Podcast Guesting and why is it so powerful for SEO, authority building and personal branding?

Podcast guesting refers to the strategy of getting booked on established podcasts that are relevant to your expertise.

Podcasting is so powerful because it leads to more leads, traffic and sales than other forms of content marketing such as guest blogging.

When you combine that high conversion rate with the extended reach and other benefits that guest podcasting provides, it’s a very compelling strategy.

It’s a smart move to be proactive in identifying opportunities to guest podcast. You can hire a podcast booking agent, or search iTunes and Google yourself using keywords; tap into social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook for industry-specific opportunities.

The more you know about the show that you hope to guest on, the better (i.e., format, tone, and nature of show, etc.). Not only will you have a better chance of getting booked, but also you can fully leverage the exposure opportunity that it generates.

You can do your own outreach to get booked on shows, but in most cases, it’s better to hire an experienced podcast booking agency or service to do professional outreach on your behalf.

Exposure to a New Audience

What better way to grow your business than to increase your exposure, connecting specifically to your niche market to reach new customers?

It’s efficient and effective marketing. Guest blogging is an excellent way to reach a new audience too, but a podcast is less work usually for similar results.

Podcasts are engaging in a different way.

Because they are audio, there is a more personal connection with your audience. You can reveal your personality more and establish a relationship with potential customers because of the perceived intimacy.

Great SEO With Show Notes

Diversifying your media will automatically rank you higher for SEO. Placement of backlinks from your podcast host’s site will improve SEO even more.

Show notes are another way to populate a page with SEO friendly keywords more densely.

So if you’ve got organic backlinks generated from your host’s show notes pages, you are benefiting on both counts. Show notes are also very shareable for social media, so you can piggyback on that too.

Using podcast guesting as a way to get natural backlinks in not only cheaper than hiring link building agencies, but you also get tons of more benefits.

Improve Credibility as an Expert

If you’ve got another individual booking you as “the” authority on a subject, then that endorsement goes far to promote the notion that you are indeed the go-to expert.

This increases trust and consumer confidence.

Over a series of guest podcasts, you can really demonstrate the depth of your knowledge base, which is a value-add for your audience.

You also build your influencer status by identifying yourself as a helpful resource to your industry peers and your audience.

Ability to get Exposure on Social Media Network

Simply by the nature of podcasting and the way that they are produced, they are an excellent medium to grow your social media presence.

The audio format is highly shareable, and you can educate your followers while deepening your brand.

You elevate your own worth when you can consistently provide followers with content of value.

Lead Generation from Listeners

The extended reach to your niche market is most certainly an opportunity to generate new leads, but avoid actually “selling” during your guest podcast.

Rather, use that opportunity to solidify your status as an expert.

You are sharing your story, insights, and point of view.

The exposure and demonstration of your knowledge bank will drive the leads back to you.

Additionally, in terms of generating leads, it’s a well-known fact that podcasts increase dwell time, which is of benefit both to you (via backlink to your site) and to your host site.

Creating More Content to Share

The content that you create from guest podcasting is usually dense with facts and is a useful resource for your audience.

You can easily convert that content into other forms for use on your site, by embedding podcast audio on your website, or transcribing the interview and post the text content on your website as a blog post.

DIY vs Podcast Booking Service

Convinced yet?

We already know that podcast questing is one of the most power content marketing tactics ever.

Yes, you can do it on your own, but it requires a lot of research, outreach and rejection.

Also, it helps your image if you have a virtual podcast booking publicist working on your behalf.

Get started today, or hire a podcast booking service like Podcast Bookers to get a guesting campaign started today!


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