10 Best MedSpa Marketing Companies & Med Spa SEO Agencies

Searching for Medical Spa marketing companies or agencies that specialize in MedSpa SEO services?

If you own or operate a medical spa, you know that marketing it isn’t without its challenges. It needs to be marketed as a MedSpa, not a regular spa. Even if some of the services provided are the same.

Medical spas provide much more than massages or facials. Services include medical-grade facials and peels, facial injections, liposuction, laser therapies, and much more.  Your medical marketing company must be familiar with your audience, their keywords and the types of content they like to consume.

It’s important to make the distinction when marketing for medspas, as other marketing companies may not have the experience in your niche.  If your a dentist, you should hire the best dental SEO companies you can find.  Similar to medical spas, you’ll be better hiring medspa marketing experts over other agencies without industry specific experience.

A key to digital marketing for medical spas is messaging – your ideal prospective clients should let people know they are going to receive professional medical treatments in a comfortable relaxed spa, and there will be complete privacy and discretion.

Chances are, you and your staff are too busy to do your own marketing, that’s why you need to hire professional MedSpa SEO companies who market exclusively for medical practices.

It may not be easy to find a great agency, as many may provide an entire range of marketing materials. Here is a list of the medspa markets in your area to get you started.

Take a look through this list to see what medspa SEO experts will be best for your marketing and growth goals:


Top 10 Best MedSpa Marketing Agencies & Med Spa SEO Companies



electiv medspa seo services

electiv is a team of seasoned Medspa SEO experts dedicated to providing plastic surgery and medical spa clients with the kind of search engine rankings they need to rapidly acquire new patient and reach their true growth potential.  electiv has spent years reverse engineering the world’s largest search engine to uncover the secret recipe to rank higher and gain valuable leads for business growth.  electiv is a full service medical marketing agency that an help your practice with digital strategy, content creation, and important SEO tactics such as link building and technical SEO.  In fact, electiv is likely the most experienced search engine optimization agency on this list, yet they also offer all the other services you would expect from a digital agency that specialized in med spa marketing and lead generation.

34 13th Ave NE, Suit 104/B
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (612) 987-0938


NKP Medical

nkp medical marketing

For over 15 years NKP has been a trusted partner in practice growth and patient acquisition for top specialty medical practices.  They focus on marketing for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, med spas, dermatologists, dentists, and similar specialty medical practices.

NKP Medical’s 360-degree digital marketing solutions are market-leading and deliver measurable results. The bottom line is that they bring more patients into your practice.

From design to the overall functionality, they will help you maximize your presence online and create the best experience for your potential patients. Most importantly, it will be an excellent marketing and lead generating tool for your practice.

NKP Medical
1334 Parkview Ave Suite #100
Manhattan Beach, CA
Phone: (866) 539-2201



bloom digital medspa seo

Bloom Digital is a web design, development, and online marketing team that focuses on providing full-service digital marketing solutions for MedSpa, Estheticians, and other beauty service businesses.

With over 18 years of experience in digital marketing, they have developed a proven process that drives visitors to click through for more information or to schedule a call. You need an agency that will work alongside you on a custom strategy that makes sense for both your goals and your budget.

Contact Bloom Digital to discuss your business’s current marketing strategy and how they can help you build your online presence by targeting your practice’s individual needs

101 S Elm St – Ste 71
Greensboro, NC 27401
Phone (336) 937-8004


Visible Spa Marketing

isible spa med spa marketing


Visible Spa Marketing knows the Medical Spa industry and can drive more customers to your Med Spa through a targeted Google Ads campaign, within 24-48 hours. You need leads that convert to clients.

They have a Facebook expert on staff who has driven qualified leads to 100+ medical practices. VSM is a team with a solid track record. Digital Marketing results combined with expertise from the Med Spa and Medical Practice field give them the insight and experience to help you grow your business.

Your Med Spa needs steady, long-term organic growth. They will build authority content and search engine optimize your site to drive relevant organic leads, long-term.

Visible Spa Marketing
213 N Stephanie St, Suite G253
Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (855) 941-0987


Brightberry Marketing

brightberry marketing med spa seo

They are not just any MedSpa digital marketing agency, they are a one-stop-shop agency to help Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeons  by funneling 30+ qualified leads monthly to their location.

The mission at Brightberry Marketing is to help you gain leads on the digital frontier by giving you an innovative, professional edge among your competition.

They deliver what they promise and go the extra mile. Often, they demand  more of themselves than their clients do. No one has all the answers to digital marketing because this field is constantly shifting.

They promise if they don’t have the answer they will problem solve and find the best solution for their clients.

Brightberry Marketing
6122 E Plum Street
Inverness, FL 34452
Phone: (419) 490-3843


MedStar Media

med spa media seo

MedStar custom-built websites and landing pages improve online visibility, establish your brand, and increase conversions. This Medspa marketing company will help you elevate your business with a custom-built website.

Their websites are constructed using expertly designed formats, informative and professionally written copy, exclusive media, and proven features that improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) enhance user experience, and significantly increase your conversion rates (more phone calls and consult requests.)

You can advertise on Google and Social Media with their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. Dramatically improve your ROI by advertising only to locals searching for the services you offer.

MedStar Media
10808 S. River Front Parkway Suite 3020
South Jordan, UT
Phone: (801) 877-1744


Med Spa Growth and Profitability

Med Spa Growth and Profitability seo

From the moment a prospective patient begins to think about a treatment, it’s important that you seamlessly build trust, authority, and credibility. You need to nurture the virtual relationship all the way until your potential clients know without a doubt that you are the exact medical spa solution they have been looking for.

Marketing for medical spa business owners is all about promoting in a way that will capture the client’s attention at every stage (awareness, then consideration, and finally decision) to create the best return of investment for your digital marketing.

Med Spa Growth and Profitability
5550 Glades Road Suite 500 #1030
Boca Raton FL
Phone: (888) 295-2526


Med Spa Marketing

med spa marketing

Med Spa Marketing develops buyer personas for your ideal customers to help inform the audience targeting and segmentation strategies. They start by developing a campaign strategy tailored to your sales targets.

They use advanced Facebook and Instagram ads to separate your ideal prospects from the herd. They can also reduce your cost per lead through landing pages and conversion rate optimization.

Their expertise is shown by consistent success in generating high-quality, qualified patient appointments for Med Spas. Med Spa Marketing has a proven track record of success generating high-quality, new patient appointments for a wide range of aesthetic medical services.

Med Spa Marketing
1900 Glades Rd 4th Floor
Boca Raton, FL
Phone: (855) 619-1504


Live Page Cafe

live page cafe medical seo marketing

It’s an exciting time to be in the Medical Aesthetics Industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. But as the industry expands, so does the amount of competition, so it’s vital you stand out from the rest.

As a marketing agency dedicated to working with medspas and dermatology practices for more than a decade, they help clients stand out online. By offering a complete menu of digital marketing services and industry-specific website technologies, they take care of promoting your business, so you can take care of your clients.

Live Page Cafe
2333 West St. Paul ave # 322
Chicago, IL
Phone: (404) 913-2450


MedSpa Agency

med spa marketing agency

They are a company that specializes in marketing services specifically for medical spas. This could include anything from digital marketing to PR to advertising.

Their specialized team can help your med spa reach more potential patients and grow your business. Med spas require marketing agencies because they have a high work volume and cannot spend much time on marketing.

Working with their specialized team will allow you to enhance your business processes and save valuable resources for various other projects. Their optimization methods help you with predictable and scalable growth by placing your website higher on search engines.

MedSpa Agency
Albany, NY, 12208
Phone: (518) 730-7298


Now You Are Ready to Hire a Med Spa Marketing Company for MedSpa SEO Services!

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for marketing your Medspa. Look through all of these sites and find the ones you think offer the services you want. Some may have more than you need, some not enough.

Look for Medspa marketing agencies that have a proven track record. Once you find a few you like, reach out to them and find out more about them. Many of these sites offer videos, links to their work, and a list of products or companies they work with.

Be sure to have a list of questions ready, including costs, any discounts, and if they offer a refund if you are not happy. You can also ask for references, as well. Be sure to check them out, if you do.

Obviously, you want your marketing campaign to be unique and suited to fit your own medspa. This can be tricky if there are a lot of the same types of services in your area.

Make sure they have the tools and savvy to reach the clients you need and can muster up interest in your medspa and the services you offer. Reaching more clients is the main goal.

Take your time when choosing an agency and see if they offer free trials or will give you a discount for signing. You don’t want to enter into a long contract with a company you can’t work with or doesn’t deliver the results you want.

Medical spa marketing and Medspa SEO is best left to the professionals, so you can focus on keeping the clients you do have happy and coming back. Let them know about any unique services you offer when you do contact them.

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