How to Make Super Stars Out of Your Landing Pages

Marketing, SEO, and website optimization practices are constantly changing. Most of that is due to the fact that search engine analytics are constantly evolving to bring the user a more genuine, organic experience. Smart search engines are using tools to make sure all those black hats, dark, non-user-friendly practices die; thus honest, content rich websites are rewarded and rank higher in simple searches.

What can you do to put your landing pages ahead of the game?

This year is all about how to get technical with creative content and turn your landing pages into superstars. Your landing page should shine bright, and be the reason your website is crawled by Google algorithms and ranked higher than your competitors. Basically, everyone is sick of seeing click bait and dark Facebook posts. Posting content that people do not love simply gets you nowhere. When it comes to creating amazing landing pages, you need to write content that is so valuable to the reader and Google that you are rewarded over a period of time. Black hat gets you quick, big wins – but runs the risk of ruining your website in due time.

Science and creative have a genuine space and relevance when it comes to your business. Meaning creative content can be used to meet the expectations of the science behind these algorithms. Search engines and algorithms are sincerely committed to enhancing the experience for users, because of the amount of non-user-friendly spam that has entered our lives in the form of keyword stuffing.

Remember the first time you clicked on an article about “How to Work From Home and Earn Millions” or “Venomous Spiders in Airplane Toilets”? All fake. All clickbait. All things Google and social media are attempting to eradicate.

That’s what Google wants to achieve across all devices – to give all readers content that is king.

Recent updates to Google have even sent mobile web pages packing if they have any type of non-friendly user popups or banners that devalue the user’s experience. That’s why it is so very important to use a balance of creative with your SEO and inbound marketing tactics to make your landing pages stand out. So how do you balance the two for unique landing pages that generate and converts genuine traffic?


Creating content rich landing pages that are SEO minded, can be a bit difficult. Google will begin to rank your website as an authority of whatever you are promoting or selling, but only if you balance your SEO practices with creative practices. So, suffice it to say, it’s all about SEO, relevant content, and being a bit creative when it comes to writing what will be your landing pages.

As a writer for My Favourite Voucher Codes, our customers want actual money off savings. So, the marketing and creative team use creative content that matters to readers. The reader wants to read something that is of sincere value, so the creative team then balance it with keyword density to ensure that both Google and repeat users can find and get what they want. As an e-commerce website, we provide enticing marketing directly on the landing page, ensuring it’s not being over optimized.

“How Can You Make Cost-Effective, Simple Changes to Improve Content?”


Divide Your Content into Three Stages of Production:

1. Put Metadata to Good Use

Strategically planning what your page is about, what you offer, how you make someone’s life richer, and who you are as a business is a key to developing amazing landing pages. You want to give clear signals to Google and the customer. Signals that your website has what they want. Here, you can implement tools like power words and key terms.

The more powerful and emotional the terms, the more likely multiple users are to click on the website. Create a call to action – not click bait. Call both the search engine and user to do something like: grab, save, find, use, check out, and so on. The more actionable words you use, the more authoritative and genuine the page will become.

2. Use White Hat SEO

Google algorithms, as well as basic internet users, can spot things that are false a mile away. This includes:

  1. spammy content like using loads of keywords to boost your ratings in content that doesn’t read like fully structured, grammatically correct sentences,
  2. and content that has been run through a Turing Spinner to mask plagiarism, this is a sure-fire way to stop traffic from coming to your website.

Your SEO strategy should be using clean practices for building traffic and that means implementing White Hat SEO. Only the dark overlords of the internet lure you to their site with false offers and super spam filled content. Pay attention to what could be spammy.

Things like repeating the merchant name 50 times, or using two key terms in the same sentence to boost keyword density. You want your landing pages to read as if each one is supremely unique, and the user is clear in what they are receiving from your business.

3. Provide Useful Informative Relevant Content

Every landing page you write should ensure that your website can answer all of the questions a user could ask. For instance:

  • How much is delivery?
  • How do I return something?
  • What does this business offer or do for me?

From an SEO perspective, you should look at maximizing keyword density, by including keyword phrases in a natural and unique way. That way the content is informative and unique – giving readers something very valuable, and still putting you in a position to rank via algorithm because it’s genuine.

Use merchant names, then the keyword or term. To increase the number of keywords you rank for, add additional terms like free delivery, student discount, meet and greet, and valet – anything that is brand significant should be creatively worked into landing page content one to three times per page. That way the landing page provides value and worth to anyone reading the landing page, all while meeting SEO rankings and terms that Google will crawl and use to raise your position in search page rankings.

Once you have started using the three stages of developing landing pages, that are content and SEO rich, you can see massive results within four to six weeks as Google ranks your landing pages. Always keep in mind: you should think of each individual page on your site as its own page.

Each superstar landing page should be able to stand alone and not plagiarize anyone or anything else online. By doing this to each individual landing page you are building authority, building relevance, and building trust. This is how to trump the competition going forward whenever you need to develop content-rich landing pages for optimized traffic.

About the Author

Brittany McComas, an Award-Winning scriptwriter, has been on the front line of online advertising and marketing with the BBC, iTunes, America’s Job Exchange, Oklahoma University, myheartcreative, and Futureproof Digital Media. As a writer, she has contributed to various publications and websites including Livestrong, EHow, Hagerty Insurance, Answers, Liberty Insurance, Kayak, Broke-Ass Stuart, and Amazon. In her spare time, she loves working with young writers to develop creative content skills, blogging about being a sassy Southern girl, rocking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, and eating pizza.

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