4 Simple Strategies Of Improving WordPress For SEO And User Experience

Every organization or individual in business seeks to have more traffic on their website(s), especially if websites are their main channel of marketing and promoting products or services. To them, a high bounce rate is a loss they do not want to experience, as it means their customers are not looking through other pages apart from the landing page, hence not making conversions.

These entities, therefore, need their websites well optimized irrespective of their platforms, not just the landing page, but as a whole- both on the page (content) and off page optimization (website structure). WordPress has some tools and other parameters to assess the bounce rate statistics, to make sure the bounce rate is maintained at its lowest. Google analytics can also be used to monitor these statistics.  You also want to be sure you are using one of the best WordPress hosting services.

Some simple approaches that may be used for WordPress websites for optimization include;

1. Use Update Services

These services ensure that whenever new pages are added to your website, they do not take long to be indexed by the search engines. This is particularly important as your website will keep on being modified every so often, either in structure, content or addition and removal of pages. Having the website indexed will give it a higher ranking in the SERPs and it is best not to miss out on search opportunities.

Some of these services should be included in your WordPress websites;

2. Remove Some WordPress Defaults

A mistake that many do is to maintain the default “Sample Page” and “Hello World” post.The defaults may be used in the development and testing stage of the website, but upon completion, it is only prudent to remove them even better delete them, to de-clutter your database.

Another one to remove is the “Uncategorized” category. Create another category that will become your main category of use, because all your content should be CATEGORIZED.

It is important to remove them because:

  • These default posts and content do not add information to search engines and so they are lowly ranked by the search engines
  • It is rare to have a visitor searching for these, and so they are just junk in your website
  • It makes no sense to have such junk content indexed for your website, and for them to appear in the search results. They can discredit your reputation.

3. Reduce 404 Errors

You may be unlucky to install a WordPress CMS that has a bug that blocks you from accessing any other page or category apart from the landing page, causing the search engines’ webmaster tools to return 404 errors when trying to access beyond the landing page.

The 404 errors discourage users from visiting your websites because they never get to see the information they are looking for, and to solve this, you can use a plugin-Category Pagination Fix plugin, in your installation process, which will fix the bug, instead of uninstalling the CMS and finding another version to re-install afresh.

4. Responsiveness

Most of your customers are generally from all over the world and others are on the move. You, therefore, need to account for the various devices these users will have and customize your website for use with these devices, operating the software, browsers.

Responsiveness of a website enhances user experience and is highly regarded by search engines, thus giving your website better ranking in the SERPS. Google puts great emphasis on responsiveness, such that when users are using mobile devices for their searches, Google shows a mobile icon to indicate that the search results pages are mobile friendly. A non-responsive website will turn users away.

These are simple strategies that you can use to enhance your WordPress website SEO, but these are just but a scratch of the surface as the strategies are as numerous as the possibilities allow. While some are simple, others are very complex requiring great programming skills; these may require you to engage the services of digital SE optimization firm to tweak them.

About the Author

Derek Iwasiuk run’s a digital SEO firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He takes most of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEO’s and top online marketing agencies. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk

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