Foreword by Brian Clark

Since you’ve opened this book, I’m guessing you want to grow your business or generate more leads for your clients.

So, congratulations! A commitment to life-long learning is the hallmark of any truly devoted entrepreneur.

As a marketer and an entrepreneur myself, I’ve been where you probably are right now.  I’ve founded and invested in some pretty big wins.  And, like most entrepreneurs, I’ve had my share of failures.  I know how important growth is to your business and how challenging lead generation can be.

I’ve spent a lot of time in, and around, the SEO industry.  I’ve presented and written extensively on search engine optimization and content marketing.  One thing is for certain: if you want to grow your business, you can’t avoid Google.


“SEO isn’t the icing or the cake, it’s the sugar that’s baked in from the start.” – Brian Clark


What I love about SEO for Growth is how it explains SEO and Internet visibility in the broader context of marketing and brand building.  In other words, SEO isn’t the icing or the cake, it’s the sugar that’s baked in from the start. As is the case with any winning recipe, if you don’t get the ingredients right, the dish will either fail or never reach its full potential. Yet, many businesses treat SEO as an afterthought.

Before you dive into the first chapter, here are few thoughts to keep in mind.

First, this book provides a really interesting perspective.  On one hand, you have John Jantsch, a man who is synonymous with small business marketing expertise.   Co-author Phil Singleton, on the other hand, is an accomplished digital agency owner with a ton of Main Street experience.   The balance of this coach-and-player relationship really shines through as John and Phil lead you from strategy and planning through web design and content marketing, explaining how to weave in SEO best-practices along the way.

Second, SEO for Growth is a perfect example of the strategy and tactics it espouses.  Visit the website, and you will see how John and Phil practice what they preach. From blogging and guest blogging to podcasts and eBooks, this book is a living example of content-driven SEO.  You have as much to learn from the way the book was marketed and promoted as you do from its content.

SEO for Growth has exactly what you need to build and power a lead-generating website. But don’t just take my word for it.  Take a close look at the testimonials and reviews.  SEO for Growth has been recommended by some of the biggest names in business, from tech company CEOs and marketing influencers to New York Times best-selling authors and nationally recognized SEO experts.

Finally, reading a great book on SEO will only get you so far.   Many business owners will be motivated by the advice in its pages, but in reality, very few will act on it.  This is an enormous opportunity for you.  If you simply apply what you learn from this book and commit to SEO for the long haul, you will generate more business and more leads, period.

Yours Truly,

Brian Clark,
Founder and CEO
Rainmaker Digital

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