Top 10 Best Website & Internet Brokers for Selling eCommerce Businesses

Do you want to sell your online business?

Every day, hundreds of ecommerce business owners search for “website brokers near me”.

If you are searching for a business broker that specializes in eCommerce business, your search stops here.

Every day, entrepreneurs like you are searching for top website brokers to help them exit their eCommerce business for the best price possible.

Whether you have a large or small e-commerce business, selling it can be even more difficult than starting it. You want to get what the company is worth. Selling it privately isn’t going to get you the best price.

Using a website business broker to help you sell will come with plenty of benefits. They will know what the company is worth, what its potential is, and also what is hot and what is not.

The business broker understands business as a whole, not just about individual e-commerce stores and websites. They understand the marketplace and who to contact for your own unique store.

There are many different types of e-commerce to consider, as well. Trust your broker to know what to do with yours and find you a buyer who can appreciate all the work you have put in and will get you a fair price.

As e-commerce continues to grow, more and more people are becoming involved with it. Someone might be very interested in buying yours, and the broker is the best way to find that buyer.

You pay a website broker for their knowledge, their connections, and their expertise. They are trained, experienced, and have the knowledge and connections to find you a great buyer or several buyers who will get you the price you deserve.

If your business is successful, then why risk selling it yourself?

Get an online business broker to handle the sale and find you the best person and price for it. You spent a lot of time and money building it up, don’t just throw away a great opportunity to sell the business to someone who really wants it.

Here are the top 10 websites for selling your e-commerce website or online store.


Top 10 Ecommerce Businesses Broker Websites


Peterson Acquisitions

best ecommerce website brokers

Peterson Acquisitions is by far the most experienced business broker on the list.   Chad Peterson is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed business broker and an influencer in the space.   Because of his Internet presence, his clients get immediate access to a large group of hungry, qualified buyers. Chad and his team are unique in that they are Internet savvy and have sold many SaaS, internet, eCommerce and web-based businesses.  But they also have a large practice in that serves traditional brick and mortar business, which makes this M&A firm once of the most versatile you will find.

Peterson Acquisitions
8700 Monrovia, Suite 310
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
Phone: (800) 845-0188


Empire Flippers

empire flippers reviews

Searching for Empire Flippers reviews? Everything these guys learned about selling a business started when they sold their own! Now they help others around the world do the same. In fact, they have already helped people buy and sell over $100 million worth of online businesses.

Their buyers and sellers cover the entire globe and they have fine-tuned their process and team to make sure you have a safe, secure buying and selling experience.

Empire Flippers has a great modern website that drill down into some SEO expert level weeds – namely PBNs.  They also have a great podcast where they feature their sell-side clients.

They have won the Inc 5,000 award four years in a row for their team of industry-leading M&A advisors to help entrepreneurs and investors alike with their goals.

Empire Flippers
427 N Tatnall St #34425
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (888) 658-8388

Website Properties

website properties reviewsFor over 20 years, leading online business brokerage Website Properties has been helping online entrepreneurs create their successful exit. They are expert website brokers and will help you to get top dollar when selling websites and other online businesses.

They are here to ensure that the sale and transition of your internet business are handled with care, professionally and competently. Their client-focused staff will help you with everything, every step of the way, always representing you and your company with the highest degree of quality and impeccability.

Their proven sales process that has been at work for over 20 years and has sold hundreds of websites and multi-millions worth of online businesses just like yours.

Website Properties
1700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: (866) 288-7988


Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage reviewsThey are entrepreneurs, just like you. Founded by someone who had already sold their website, helped a friend sell theirs. Nearly 25 years later, they have become very good at it.

With each transaction, they learned lessons, improved our processes, and refined their approach to be more effective. Now, they can look back on over 500 websites sold and over $100,000,000 in total transaction value.

While they are recognized as one of the most successful website brokers in the marketplace, they still take an attitude of continual improvement to their processes. To ensure they improve your experience, as well.

Quiet Light Brokerage
631 Brawley School Road, Suite 300
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: (800) 746-5034


FE International

fe international reviewsWith offices on three continents, FE International is well-positioned to offer clients the global footprint necessary to deliver world-class M&A advisory services on a local scale.

Their market-leading M&A advisory team has completed hundreds of millions in SaaS, e-commerce, and content business acquisitions since 2010. Since then, they have sold over 800 businesses with a 94.1% success rate.

Offering direct access to a global network of established pre-qualified investors, FE International is perfectly placed to drive buyer demand and maximize value for your business.

FE International
75 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 16C
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (800) 403 9067


Website Closers

website closers reviewsWebsite Closers are experienced within the Tech, Internet, and Digital industry. This is one of the biggest factors that sets them apart from the competition.

They buy and sell tech and internet companies, they are attorneys, accountants, consultants, and serial entrepreneurs and they have sold close to a billion dollars worth of Tech and Internet companies through the years.

Their combined experience also includes selling non-traditional online businesses such as Daily Deals websites, Flash Sales sites, wholesalers, distributors, fulfillment centers, drop shippers, marketing agencies, SEO firms, and more.

At their firm, they are interested in you and your company and maximizing value.

Website Closers
16057 Tampa Palms Blvd W #206
Tampa, FL 33647
Phone: (800) 251-1559


We Sell Your Site

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, just like you. They specialize in premium web-based businesses making $100k – $5m in profit per year and have sold over $100,000,000 in website deals since 2004.

They have a team made up of people who have been building websites, selling websites, and buying websites. They know what it is like to build a business from the ground up.

Make the transition easier when you trust this team of experts. From understanding how to build the website to understanding how to build a trusting relationship, We Sell Your Site have go you covered.

We Sell Your Site
2020 Bathurst Street, Suite #4,
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3L1, CA
Phone: (416) 551-0300


Acquisitions Direct

Acquisitions Direct is the oldest internet brokerage firm on the web today. Since its inception in 2002, this firm of brokers has sold over 350 online businesses spanning diverse industries and ranging from $100k to $20MM.

Their main focus is on e-Commerce, SaaS, Amazon FBA, and content-based online businesses. They truly understand that selling your online business can be a confusing, time consuming, and an emotional process.

Before starting Acquisitions Direct, the team developed, ran, and sold their own internet-based businesses. They completely understand the online marketplace and we bring value to the process that is unmatched by the competition.

Aquistions Direct
130 W. Main Street
Collegeville, PA 19426
Phone: (800) 870-9005



The experts at Raincatcher believe small businesses and their clients are the heartbeat of America, and every small business owner deserves their chance at the American dream.

At Raincatcher, they can rapidly transform small to medium-sized businesses into companies that are built to sell, and then help buyers find remarkable enterprises in which to create their own legacy.

Get the maximum value for your business and find the ideal buyer with their industry-leading proprietary valuation resources and proven guide maps to help through the selling process.

Get a free business evaluation to see what your business is actually worth.

7900 E. Union Ave, Suite. 1100
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: (855) 724-6228

Business Exits

Business Exits specialize in the sale of businesses with revenue between $2 million and $20 million nationally across the USA. Our brokers help sell your business for maximum value to our database of buyers with cash looking for quality acquisitions with a 96% close rate.

At Business Exits they can help you get everything in order, and properly position your company for sale, in order to help you reap the maximum value when you sell your company.

As your broker, they will find the best buyers that will offer the best price for your business. We have connections, so you don’t have to find them.

Business Exits
8665 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Digital Exits

At Digital Exits, they specialize in assisting with the sale of large tech businesses up to $5m in yearly profit. They also are the brokers to get big deals done and have the investor pool to find them.

The team of experts at Digital Exits specializes in helping you maximize the value of your online business and sell it for the best price possible – above market value.

They know what it takes to get your business in place for the best deal for it. We have a long list of buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your business.

Digital Exits
5042 Wilshire Blvd #35432
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Now You Are Ready to Hire a Website Business to Sell Your Ecommerce Business

Most website business brokers dedicate their entire career to building up their client list, their customers, and working hard to make sure everyone gets the best deal possible.

Why would you risk trying to sell your online business yourself when you can get an expert to do it for you. They have the contacts, the experience, and the savvy to get the best price and the best buyer.

They spend their entire day in contact with buyers and sellers, so they know what will sell. They see what businesses are more popular at the minute and can negotiate a great deal for yours.

Check out the list we compiled for you to see what your business is worth and how best to sell it. People often build up a business with the intention of selling it but when the time comes, don’t know what to do.

A broker for an online business is your best way forward. Get the best deal you can from those who know how to get it.

Put your company in the trust of a broker, who has the information you need and the contacts to make it happen.

What Are You Waiting For?