10 Best Attorney SEO Companies & Marketing Agencies for Lawyers

Searching for lawyer SEO companies or digital agencies that specialize in law firm marketing?

You are not alone.

Many lawyers like you are frustrated with their current digital marketing firm and are searching for terms like “attorney SEO near me” or “best lawyer SEO services”.

Why Are Attorney SEO Services Critical for Law Firms?

Since most people don’t have a lawyer on speed dial. When they need one, they almost always do an internet search. That’s why it is important to have the right keywords on your website and in your content.

Competition is fierce among lawyers. While word-of-mouth and asking friends or peers for recommendations is still used, most people are going to take to the internet to find someone they need for their specific concerns.

Even with recommendations, people are still going to look these law firms up online. There are plenty of ways lawyers and law firms can market themselves, but specialized SEO for attorneys is going to be one of the most effective.

When people are looking for a lawyer, it is going to be for something specific. Traffic accidents, divorce, wrongful dismissal, and that means you need to have your specific skills and areas of expertise on your website and in your content.

The internet is the new Yellow Pages. Lawyers might not think they need to market themselves, but they do. There is a lot of competition out there and you need to get people’s attention first.

Your website is where people can find out about what you do, your history, your contact information, and everything about you and your work that you have been building.

What is Attorney SEO?

Attorney SEO stands for “attorney search engine optimization” and may also be referred to as lawyer SEO or law firm SEO.  Attorney SEO is the process of improving your website and content strategy in a way that will increase your website’s visibility in internet searches.  The better visibility your law firm’s website pages have in search results, the more likely you are to attract more prospective clients to your practice.

Attorney search engine optimization works by enabling your law firm to be found online by the people who are looking for your services. It is the practice of optimizing your website for keywords that your potential clients are searching on search engines like Google.

When people use the internet to find a lawyer, and they do, they will most often put in what they are looking for. If someone just typed in ‘lawyer’ they would get 1000s of responses.

If they do, the next search will be more specific, like ‘personal injury lawyer’. That helps weed out the ones they don’t want. It also helps move the divorce lawyers up in ranking, because those specific keywords are on their website.

Finally, geo-targeting can play a huge role.  More and more people will search for the a specific type of lawyer with their major metro area, such as ‘personal injury lawyer Kansas City‘.

You need to hire an attorney SEO agency that understand how to develop a holistic digital law firm that is designed specifically for your firm’s talent, locations and lead generation goals.

You also need to hire a top lawyer SEO company that will use use digital marketing tactics such as link building, than is done so in a way that is white hat, organic, high quality, relevant and withing Google’s guidelines.

Here are the top ten SEO companies for lawyers and law firms.


Top 10 Best Attorney SEO Companies and Marketing Agencies for Lawyers



Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers. AttorneySync only works with lawyers because they understand the unique considerations of both effectively and ethically marketing a law practice.

As a digital legal marketing agency, helping their clients grow their practices is their primary mission. However, growing together has broader meaning too. It means growing as individuals, a team and an organization.

Focused on qualified lead generation for your law firm? Let them explore reducing cost per qualified leads and growing target lead numbers. They help grow your practice, so you can focus on serving clients. Put their attorney SEO expertise, experience, and results to work for you.

211 W. Wacker Dr. STE 300 PMB 900
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (773) 828-8878



Successful law firm SEO strategies for every stage of your practice. They provide effective and reliable marketing solutions for solo attorneys and small law firms.

All of their intense focus is on law firms. They don’t work with anyone else. They understand the best directories, the most profitable keywords, and exactly what it takes to rank law firm websites.

They earn the opportunity to work with you from day one by providing exceptional value. You won’t ever be asked to sign a long-term agreement. No strings. No excuses. Just results.

There won’t be any “lost-in-translation”. The person you speak to about your campaigns is the same person doing the work.

303 Fountains Pkwy, Ste 301 B
Fairview Heights, IL 62208


Zola Creative

At Zola Creative, they take a holistic approach to online marketing and lead generation, offering their clients a full suite of lawyer SEO services designed to help them build a powerful web presence that not only attracts new visitors but converts them into paying clients.

They have worked with over 1000 law firms. They know what you do. They know what your clients are looking for and most importantly, they are well-versed in the Rules of Professional Conduct, so they know what will and what won’t land you in front of the disciplinary committee. Check out their award-winning ads.

Zola Creative
10 Harbor Park Drive, Suite 100
Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone: (877) 959-8853


Custom Legal Marketing

Tired of getting the same old law firm SEO and search marketing proposal? Maybe it’s time to change course. To beat out other firms contending for the same market, you need to have great design and a plan that extends your reach beyond your website.

They tailor each of their legal marketing plans to individual firms, so you know you are getting a custom solution. At Custom Legal Marketing, they offer a No Competition Guarantee, which means they won’t perform search engine marketing services for any competing law firms in your No Competition Zone. They are committed entirely to your success.

Custom Legal Marketing
1111 Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (800) 789-6451



There are hundreds of companies that handle online marketing services for attorneys. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that most attorney SEO providers are not very good. iLawyerMarketing is here to change your whole outlook of advertising online.

They generally work with lawyers who want to be aggressive about their online marketing. While the majority of their clients are personal injury, criminal, and family law firms, they also have extensive experience working in other consumer-focused areas of law.

SEO for personal injury lawyers in New York City is going to require a different strategy than marketing for family law in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their consultants work together with the SEO team to develop the right strategy for you.

10080 Carroll Canyon RD
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone:  (800) 753-6997



A good working relationship is as important as results. Given how closely they work with their clients, a good fit is crucial to them. They guarantee transparency and the customer service you have always wanted.

They are a family-owned business that comes from a long line of lawyers. Their CEO has a law degree from UCLA School of Law. They are passionate about helping law firms get to the first page of Google. They are very competitive when it comes to lawyer SEO and take pride in their results.

With a background in marketing, law, and customer service, they want to change the way law firms feel about their marketing agency.

1111 6th Avenue, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (844) 923-4206


Black Fin Marketing

Black Fin Marketing separates itself from other attorney SEO agencies by customizing game-changing digital marketing services in an inspiring and unified environment. This has been their specialty for over 10 years, and they have built an outstanding team of masters in every service they offer.

They aren’t looking to churn out mediocre work for anyone who will write them a check. They have mastered a singular art that ensures that the noble law firms they choose to work with will grow and succeed.

Integrity is Their bottom line. They know that your success and the results you want won’t come cutting corners. It won’t come from the same old strategies either.

Black Fin Marketing
36311 Detroit Rd
Avon, OH 44011, US
Phone: (216) 206-6855


BizFinder SEO

BizFinder SEO works exclusively with the nation’s top small law firms who aspire to dominate in search rank, web visibility, and new client/case acquisition. The law firm SEO agency was founded by Will Palmer, a nationally recognized law firm SEO and legal marketing strategist whose track record of success and transparency has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted no-frills legal marketing voices in the industry.

Will’s motivation to start BizFinder SEO came after years of witnessing SEO exploited by marketing vendors. He felt there was a better alternative to the diluted and ineffective services being sold. Thus, BizFinder SEO was born to give law firms a dedicated and specialized team to execute customized, transparent SEO strategies and deliver lucrative law firm case/client growth.

The law firms that dominate Google search rankings do not approach SEO the same as everyone else. They understand the growth effects from good SEO have been eclipsed by newer, more exciting marketing services but the data around client acquisition tell a different story: website traffic and leads from SEO are often the highest quality cases your firm will generate from its online presence.

BizFinder SEO
1712 Main St #204
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (866) 811-4621



The SEO agency of choice for elite personal injury law firms. The best in the industry trust them to deliver the rankings, traffic, and cases other marketing agencies can’t.

You’ll have a full team of SEO specialists fighting to put you at the top. Personal injury lawyer SEO is all they do. Their marketing processes, playbooks, and people are completely focused on generating more qualified cases, more quickly.

You’ll be one of an elite few. Delivering exceptional service and aggressive growth means limiting who they work with. Their clients are their partners: they implement quickly, communicate openly, and invest seriously to dominate the first page.

303 Fountains Parkway Suite 301A
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Phone: (618) 702-1127


BluShark Digital

At BluShark Digital, they implement aggressive law firm search engine optimization strategies to help law firms stand out from the pack and convert searchers into new leads. They work hand-in-hand with each one of their clients to develop an advanced legal SEO plan that is specific to their business model.

This allows them to build a website that highlights their legal focus, personality, and brand. The strongest SEO for lawyers combines long-standing best practices with cutting-edge innovation.

At BluShark Digital, they emphasize collaboration and legal marketing strategies resulting in unique and authoritative websites that help your law firm make an impression online.

BluShark Digital
1826 Jefferson Pl NW,
Washington, D.C 20036
Phone: (202) 871-1544


Attorney Digital Marketing & SEO Services For Lawyers

This list should help you get started in finding the best law firm SEO marketing company for yourself or your firm. Check them out and contact any that look like they will be a good fit for you and your company.

Many of these are digital so you don’t have to worry about the location, they are all only and can work from anywhere. Some work with a specific type of lawyer, some work with all types.

Some of these may do marketing for other companies, as well, so if you want to find a marketing company that works with only lawyers, make sure you check that and ask them about it.

When you do contact these companies, have some questions ready to ask them. Find out about their results, what other law firms they have worked with, and how long they have been in business.

Usually, lawyers don’t have time to also run their own websites, so it’s always best to have an expert team who can make updates, add content and run your other social media platforms at the same time.

As a final word of advice, you may also want to take an SEO course or have your internal marketing staff take a course.  Understanding how search engine optimization work will help you with all of your marketing, not just Internet marketing.

SEO is vital for a law firm or individual lawyer to market themselves, move up the search engine ranking, and get themselves known in the community.

What Are You Waiting For?